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Five reasons why you should use a professional copywriter

Category: Copywriting | Date: | Author: Sarah Fielding

Many business owners contact me having wasted days trying to write their own web copy. Eventually they give in and seek professional help. I’m not talking about counselling - although the frustrations of writer’s block could quite easily push you over the edge. I’m talking about the services of a professional copywriter.

It doesn’t matter if you have a degree in English or you’re penning your second novel, writing business copy is a very different beast. I can guarantee you that whatever words you put together to promote your business, I will write very differently. And that’s because I have a background in marketing and twenty years of experience in copywriting. Crikey, that makes me feel old. Where’s that counsellor’s number?

I’m here to persuade you to save those days that you were going to waste trying to write your own copy. So here are five very good reasons why you should turn to a professional copywriter for all your business writing requirements. I could easily come up with more, but I know your time is precious, so here goes...

A copywriter can be objective

Many business owners incorrectly assume that they’re the best person for the writing job, because they understand their business, its market and its customers better than anyone else. That will be the case (or at least it should be), but it will also mean that you assume too much knowledge and will struggle to be objective. What you may think is important, your audience probably doesn’t give a monkeys about.

A good copywriter is trained to ask the right questions. They’ll sift through all the unimportant stuff leaving you with copy that succinctly captures the essence of your business and really resonates with your audience. I’ll be honest, I sometimes amaze myself at the subjects I can turn my hand to, but it really does come down to knowing what questions to ask – that and thorough research.

A copywriter will save you time

There’s a reason I hire an accountant. I could probably complete my accounts and tax return if I put my mind to it, however, my accountant does it a lot quicker. She also saves me money because she understands all the legal ways to minimise my tax bill.

Where am I going with this? Well, in the same way, a copywriter is likely to take less time than you would to write the same number of words. They will also have a better understanding of how to put them together to get maximum impact. Your time is far better spent doing what you do best – focusing on your customers and growing your business.

A copywriter has a specialist skill-set

Mark Twain is famously quoted as saying, “I didn't have time to write a short letter, so I wrote a long one instead.” His point being that it’s easier to waffle on, but it takes much more time to hone your message and be concise. Good copy is copy that gets your key messages across quickly, succinctly and persuasively. There’s a skill to that, and I don’t mind saying it’s not a skill that many people possess. It’s one that a copywriter refines over years and years of practise.

A copywriter understands how loudly to blow your trumpet

I’ve got clients who hate blowing their own trumpet and I’ve got clients who, left to their own devices, would write copy that is far too pushy and salesy. Getting the balance right is an art. A decent copywriter will make sure your words push all the right buttons, with just the right amount of pressure. They’ll also be able to make even the dullest topic sound exciting.

A copywriter knows how to craft content for different formats

Newsletters, case studies, articles, blogs, web pages, reports and white papers – they each require a very different writing approach. That’s because people read different formats in different ways and this affects all sorts of elements, such as how titles and subheadings are used; the length of sentences and paragraphs; the type of language and tone that is applied, and what call to action is included. Get it wrong and you’ll lose your reader’s interest before they’ve finished the introduction. Get it right and you’ll have acquired a new customer.

Copy, it’s everywhere and it’s essential to almost every business. A good copywriter will pay for themselves. Not only will they save you time, but with effective copy you’ll start to see more visitors on your website, more downloads and page views, more enquiries and more engagement. What are you waiting for? Put your pen down and pick up the phone!