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Thank you Terabee for your glowing testimonial

Thank you Terabee for your glowing testimonial

Category: Write Impact news | Date: | Author: Sarah Fielding

I've been working with Terabee for just over one year, writing regular case studies and news stories for its website and sales campaigns. Terabee is based in France and came to me because its Sales & Marketing Manager used to work for a previous IT client of mine. He knew that I'd be able to get to grips with Terabee's sensing technology and solutions and (in his own words) he thinks the fact I "get it practically 100% right in the first hit, without us having to tweak it or invest heavily in educating me on the nuances of our solutions is just awesome!".  

Terabee's Digital Sales & Marketing Manager, Thomas Cremese, has also just provided me with this glowing testimonial which I've happily added to my testimonials page. Thank you Terabee - it's a pleasure working for you!

Sarah understands quickly complex subjects and is able to convey them with impactful prose that resonates with our target audiences. Articles produced are spot on and need little to no feedback to go live, greatly simplifying and accelerating our content creation process. Her SEO knowledge helps every article rank on search engines and attract qualified leads for our business. I highly recommend her copywriting skills.”  Thomas Cremese, Digital Sales & Marketing Manager