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When PR pays off

When PR pays off

Category: Write Impact news | Date: | Author: Sarah Fielding

Those of you who know me well, will know that I have a complete fear of public speaking. Luckily my client, Mike Ayre of Crucible Design, does not share my phobia. So, when I managed to secure him a speaking slot on the main stage at an industry show at the NEC, he jumped at the opportunity. 

Presenting at events is a fantastic way to build credibility within your industry. Mike is a talented product designer and over the summer he’d been working hard on a white paper outlining design guidelines for 3D printing for manufacture. The paper is an industry first so I jumped on it as soon as it was finished and sent it out to THE editor of THE 3D printing magazine, TCT.

I've been working with Mike for many years and have gradually built up credibility with the editors of his industry press, so after reading my email, TCT's editor called me. I had hoped to secure Mike some coverage in the magazine, but the editor not only promised an article in February's edition, but invited Mike to present his paper on the main stage at the annual TCT show and conference at the NEC. Result!