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Write Impact gets a website – it’s only taken 10 years!

Write Impact gets a website – it’s only taken 10 years!

Category: Write Impact news | Date: | Author: Sarah Fielding

I have a confession. I’m ashamed to admit that writing my own website has been on my ‘to-do’ list for the last ten years. My excuse is that I spend every working day promoting other people’s businesses, so the last thing I felt like doing in my spare time was writing my own website. 

I’ve also always been lucky enough to pick up new business through referrals, so a website was never a priority. However, I was absolutely determined that my tenth year in business would be celebrated with a shiny new website, so ‘ta-dah’…here it is.

It’s been created by the wonderful team at Sozo in Cheltenham. This year I’ve also worked with Sozo to create new websites for a couple of my clients, Plunkett Associates and Crucible Industrial Design.

I’d love to hear what you think of my new site - but please note, it was ten years in the making, so I can’t promise I’ll act on any suggestions very quickly! But drop me a line anyway!